Who is Michael Hendricks and why vote for him?

Oct 3rd, 2018 By: Betty Bishop
Topics: Candidates
Who is Michael Hendricks and why vote for him?

I am an overcomer of obstacles, a husband and father, a businessman, and a lawyer.

Growing up as a Baptist missionary kid in a foreign country taught me a lot. As a family, we overcame being a minority both ethnically and religiously. We overcame the obstacle of financial insecurity; and, now, I use those experiences as anecdotes to teach my children what hard work and personal responsibility mean.

As a husband and father, the well-being of this state is personal because the well-being of my family is directly tied to the well-being of the state. My kids and yours MUST be able to walk the streets without fear and have the real option to stay here, have a job and raise their families.

As a businessman, I have been successful for more than 15 years as a worker, manager, leader, and owner. My master’s in business administration has added valuable insights and, allowed me to run my law firm as a successful business in New Mexico.

As a lawyer, I have been successful at helping those who feel like they do not have access to justice. I have worked with foreign governments and managed hundreds of cases to successful outcomes. Most recently, I co-authored the Amicus brief that prevailed at the Supreme Court of New Mexico striking down the unlawful promulgation by the NM Secretary of State in requiring straight party voting. I was the attorney for more than 25 state officials and brought their concerns to the Supreme Court; and, we overcame the political partisanship that would have been detrimental to you, the informed voter. As has been shown, I have the leadership skills, management tools, experience, and education necessary to decrease crime, increase efficiency, improve business investment, and re-establish relationships on the state and federal level. In short, the OAG is a business that has 250 employees that sell the product of protecting the people and state of New Mexico. I am a proven manager and attorney having won many awards for work in the legal field. I am the best candidate running in this race to move New Mexico forward. It has been 3- and one-half years under Hector Balderas’ administration, do you feel safer today? If not, then I need your help!