Elected Officials


Governor Susana Martinez

From balancing our state budget to reforming education, we have a lot of work to do together to create a brighter future for New Mexico’s children and families. I hope that our website will be able to provide you with important information about my plans and priorities for bringing bold change to state government and improving the lives of New Mexicans.




U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce

It is time to get our country back on the course to prosperity through lower taxes, less spending, and getting our economy moving again. And it is up to you, the citizens, to hold your elected officials accountable on these issues that affect your day-to- day life.




New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna J. Duran


Dianna Duran was elected Secretary of State in November 2010. She is the first Republican elected to that office since 1928. Among the office’s wide-ranging responsibilities, the Secretary of State is charged with ensuring the conduct of efficient, fair and secure elections, maintaining records vital to commerce and industry, and supervising the reporting of campaign finances by political candidates and committees. 

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Senator Lee S. Cotter - District 36









State Representative Terry H. McMillan - District 37 

 My goal in politics is to preserve Liberty by re-emphasizing personal responsibility. To me, Liberty means maximum personal freedom in tandem with maximum personal responsibility. Our ancestors viewed Liberty as the opportunity to succeed or fail based as much as possible on personal character alone. America, from its beginning, has appealed to those who crave liberty, and so they came. Love of liberty is in our genes. I fear that we are forgetting who we are.  Contact Info




Dona Ana County Sheriff, Todd Garrison


Sheriff Todd Garrison was selected in 2005 by the County Commission to serve until Dec. 31, 2006.
He was elected to the post by the voters in both the 2006 and 2010 General Elections, and is now serving a four-year term that will expire Dec. 31, 2014.   Contact Info



Doña Ana County District 3 Commissioner, Benjamin L. Rawson

Benjamin L. Rawson was appointed to the District 3 seat on the Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners on Aug. 12, 2013 by Governor Susana Martinez. District 3 encompasses a large sector of southeastern Doña Ana County, including Las Alturas, Telshor, Foothills, and the Talavera, the University Hills and Bellamah neighborhoods, the NMSU campus, White Sands Missile Range, and Tortugas. Commissioner Rawson is a professional businessman, currently the General Manager of Rawson Inc. Builders Supply, a company that specializes in the manufacture, distribution and installation of doors, windows, fireplaces, garage doors, shower doors, hardware, hollow metal, and storefront. Included in Rawson's portfolio is the Doña Ana County Government Center, where the company provided and installed not only doors and hardware, but also intricate arches and bullet-resistant glass. During his business career, Commissioner Rawson has experienced the peak of the construction industry in 2006 and the worst in 2012. His quick response to both situations is credited with the survival of Rawson, Inc. Born and raised in Doña Ana County, Commissioner Rawson received his master’s degree in Business Administration from New Mexico State University. Commissioner Rawson has been married to his wife, Kirsten, for eight years. They have three children: Heidi, William and Isabelle.