Get Involved

Dona Ana County Republicans are working enthusiastically to energize our grassroots base, which will be crucial in ensuring victory in 2014. We need your help!

Donate your time

Our headquarters is a very resourceful office with hard-working volunteers. We welcome your participation. There are numerous opportunities for volunteers who can donate even a few hours a month. I encourage you to contribute or volunteer your time to ensure statewide and local Republican victories in 2011 and 2012.

To volunteer please call 575-523-8683  or contact our office and we will be in touch.



It takes not only people, but dollars to get republicans into our local offices. Please consider a donation to the Dona Ana Republican Party, your financial support is more important than ever in ensuring that we have the leadership necessary on a local level right here where we live.


Get informed

The future of our nation is too important to not take your privilege to vote seriously. Take the time to learn about candidates, the issues involved and the impact your vote will make on our community and nation. Use these resources to educate yourself before you cast your vote.